Rainbow Vista

Senior Gay Retirement Community


  • All Rainbow Vista apartments are unfurnished.
  • All Rainbow Vista apartment options include a kitchenette, not a separate kitchen.
  • The kitchenette space features
    • a microwave
    • a hotplate
    • a small refrigerator
  • Rainbow Vista apartments are not air conditioned. That is typically no problem in the mild summers of the Pacific Northwest.
  • All Rainbow Vista bathrooms feature grab bars and step-in showers.
  • Please note that our bathrooms do not accommodate wheel chairs.
  • Doors at Rainbow Vista are 32.5 inches wide, to narrow for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Our apartment options:

Studio Apartment:

  • This affordable apartment features over 370 square feet of living space.
  • The Studio includes two full-sized closets.
  • The cost per month is $695 one person only.
  • The cost per month is $995 two people.

One Bedroom Apartment:

None Available at present time:

  • This more spacious apartment features over 500 square feet of living space, with a separate living room and bedroom.
  • The One Bedroom apartment includes one full-sized closet and a small coat closet.
  • The bathroom is conveniently located off the bedroom.
  • The cost per month is $945 for one person.
  • The cost per month is $1,245 two people.